A-Rod Cheered in Spring Training

Perhaps you are tired of hearing everything that relates to Alex Rodriguez. He has done a great job of deflecting media attention from other players, so their hasn’t been much news during Spring Training. He also did a great job of drawing cheers from the fans earlier today.

Today was¬†the first full-squad workout, and A-Rod’s first appearance in a Yankees uniform in 17 months. As he stepped onto to the field just before noon, he received cheers from the roughly 500 fans in attendance. Alex also received cheers about an hour later, when he came out of the dugout for batting practice. Alex Rodriguez took 36 swings and hit 3 home runs, receiving an applaud from the audience for each homer.

Hideki Matsui and Alex Rodriguez were the only Yankees to draw any noticeable cheering from the fans throughout the workout. Matsui is currently with the team as a guest instructor. Despite their only being 500 fans, there were a hundred members of the media in attendance.

This is important for Alex, regardless how little cheering generally impacts the game. A-Rod having fan support is significant, considering his comeback from his use of PED’s. When we look at other baseball players who used steroids, many of them have the support of their fan base. Barry Bonds had the Giant’s support, Roger Clemens is beloved in Houston, Manny Ramirez is loved in Boston, Ryan Braun has the Brewers support.¬†Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera and Jhonny Peralta also have received support, especially after their strong 2014 seasons. Yankee fans, whether you like him or not, booing him will not make him a better player. Let us root for him to be productive, the relationship still has 3 more years to go!