Andrew Marchand’s “The 24 plus one Yankees take the field”

So originally I had plans on awarding the first ever Baseball Oscars this night. That plan came to a halt after seeing an utterly ridiculous tweet by Andrew Marchand posted just an hour ago. Some of you may have no idea what I am talking about, so the tweet can be seen below:

My first reaction was just utter shock and disbelief. I thought it was Wallace Matthews who had the role of ESPN’s negative Yankees beat writer locked down. But no, as Spring Training approaches their is some stiff competition in that field, with Marchand joining the party. A senior writer doesn’t have enough substance in his articles that he needs to disparage the people he writes about? Seems like a pretty deadly case of insecurity, might need Scooby-Doo to investigate.

I mean look we all criticize people, I did it earlier today when I was frustrated that the Yankee management were afraid to sign Moncada. But that tweet is nothing short of slander and propaganda. Actually those two terms are way to lenient, that was mudslinging in its purest form.

After seeing that title, Mr. Marchand lost my respect. Now I didn’t lose respect of Andrew Marchand the person, I respect all human beings and their right to think freely for themselves. I did however lose respect for Andrew Marchand the journalist. I didn’t read the article, I would suggest for your own mental well-being that you take that same precaution.

The title alone couldn’t have been more offensive, disparaging, or downright disrespectful. To isolate Alex Rodriguez, as if he is a separate entity from the other 24 players couldn’t be a bigger lowball. The Yankees are a thing called a team; this team contains 25 players. All of these 25 players are united as one in representing the Yankees on the field. To break away a part of the team to hurl a cheapshot at individuals is pathetic.

It is amazing how a player can upset the Yankees for showing up to work and upset a senior writer of ESPN. Apparently I am not the only one who saw those comments as inappropriate, as other people tweeted in response condemning the headline. I mean I can do the same thing as Mr. Marchand and hurl cheapshots at people over the internet. I have instead decided to be an example to him and show him that you can live a happy life covering the Yankees or any sports franchise, without tarnishing the reputation of others. Perhaps he just wanted an attention grabber. I would give him advice that A-Rod could probably relate to “No attention is better than negative attention”