Yoan Moncada to the Yankees?

Today was the 3rd workout that 19 year old Cuban player Yoan Moncada have with the New York Yankees. You can tell the Yankees want him, they have him working out every day like he is part of the spring training roster already. In this workout though, there was a special visitor watching. That would be Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner. Now Hal is a really important piece if the Yankees do aggressively pursue Moncada. Yoan Moncada is expected to get a signing bonus north of $30M, and since the Yankees went over their international bonus they would have to pay a 100% tax. In addition, being over means they can’t sign any international player for over 300,000 in the next 2 years. If the Yankees are going to miss out on other top Cuban players over the next 2 seasons, it is best to sign as many talented international players as they can.

Moncada will be a very pricey move for just about every organization interested in him. Similar to how Tanaka was for the Yankees last year. Last year the Yankees paid a $25M posting fee to Tanaka’s former team and then signed Tanaka to a 7 year $175M deal. With Yoan Moncada though, he will likely begin his career in Single-A or Double-A. If he was eligible for the draft it is said that he would easily go number 1 overall. Moncada might be expensive, but the opportunity for the Yankees to sign a good international is dwindling. The franchise is famous for going after the big time names available, why not add a young promising 19 year old to the list.


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