Yankees Birthdays (February 16th)

Happy 34th birthday to former Yankee Sergio Mitre.  Sergio was a spot starter and a long reliever during his 3 year stint with the club. Sergio Mitre struggled in his first season with the Yankees, coming of an injury that caused him to miss all of 2008.  In 2010 he was effective out of the pen, making 3 starts and pitching 54 innings.  Mitre struggled a bit with his command, and the long ball was a common result when he missed his spots.  He was traded to the Brewers in March 2011, before returning to the Yankees in late June.  His 2011 stint did not go well for him, pitching ineffectively in 4 appearances.  Sergio Mitre has not pitched in the majors since 2011.

Happy 63rd birthday to Barry Foote.  Foote played in just 57 games with the Yankees, as a backup catcher. His last major league season was in 1982.


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