Is Casey Stengel the best Yankees manager ever?

Casey Stengel, also known as The Old Professor, managed the Yankees for 12 seasons from 1949-1960.  He led the team to 10 pennants, and won 5 consecutive WS Titles from 1949-1953.  Stengel was known for platooning hitters, and going with his gut.  In all Stengel won 7 WS Chamionships, and had a .623 winning percentage in the regular season.  Stengel has the 3rd most wins in franchise history, and 2nd most postseason wins.  Of the 3 WS he lost, each and every one of them went to a Game 7.  That is more than just luck folks.

Now Casey Stengel teams were not just winning because of their talented nucleus of HOF caliber players. Although Stengel did say when he got hired “There is less wrong with this team than any team I ever managed”.  In 1949 and 1951, the Yankees were riddled with a multitude of injuries and a lack of a true superstar. It was in no small part due to his platooning and managerial skill that the Yankees clinched the American League Pennant in those two seasons.  He would also put defensive replacements late in the game to preserve leads.  His unorthodox methods paid off great dividends as he played in the World Series in every year but 1954 and 1959.

The Yankees might have even fired him a few years to early.  Following the devastating loss to the Pirates in the 1960 WS, the team said he had become too old to manage.  His successor Ralph Houk won 2 WS in the first two years of his managerial career, and made it to 3 WS.  This was done using the same team that Stengel had left behind,  In 1964, Yogi Berra became the manager and led the team to the WS. Being that neither Ralph Houk or Yogi Berra had a long and successful managerial career, it would not be very radical to say that Stengel could have lead the Yankees to the pennant in those 4 years too.  As said earlier, all 3 WS losses went to a Game 7.  So who knows how many WS title Stengel would have had if the Yankees did not part ways with him.

So what do you think, is Casey Stengel the best manager in Yankees history? Or does that title belong to someone else?


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