Yankees Birthdays (February 15th)

Good day everyone, hope you all enjoyed Valentine’s Day and your President’s Day weekend.  We are back with daily posts commemorating the current and former Yankees on their birthday, as well as reflect on their contributions to the franchise.  Today is the birthday of 4 former Yankees, including Russell Martin.  Perhaps you will learn a little something about players prior to your generation, or discover you share your birthday with one of your favorite players.  It is NBA All-Star Weekend in NYC, but we all know that the baseball season never ends.

Happy 32nd birthday to Russell Martin.  Russell Martin played 2 season with the Yankees, in 2011 and 2012.  The Yankees lost to the Detroit Tigers in both of those years, and then failed to resign Russell Martin.  Martin turned around his career from an offensive standpoint in 2014, having his best season in over 5 years.  He got rewarded for his production with a 5/$82M contract from the Toronto Blue Jays.  The Canadian baseball player now gets the opportunity to play in his country.  Russell is a 3-time All-Star, 1-time GG, and 1-time SS.

Happy 49th birthday to Melido Perez.  Perez played 4 season with the Bomber’s in the early 90’s.  His most notable year with the Yankees was in 1992, his first year with the team.  He went 13-16 with a 2.47 ERA, tossed 10 CG and 1 shutout.  Unable to perform at this level, Melido Perez had 3 unimpressive years with the team and was out of baseball after his age 29 season.

Happy 70th birthday to Ross Moschitto.  He played 110 games with the team in 1965 and 1967 as a defensive replacement.  Ross struggled at the plate and played his last MLB season at the age of 22.

Happy 73rd birthday to Bill Henry.  Bill only played 2 games during his Major League career, for the 1966 Yankees.  Henry pitched 3 scoreless innings and did not allowed a single hit.


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