Yankees Birthdays (February 11th-14th)

Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of Yankees Birthdays. In these posts we wish all current and former Yankees to have a good birthday, while remembering their contributions to the organization.  My goal is to do this daily and provide a little insight on the player’s career.  For the past few days however, I have been focusing on another project.  This resulted in me having to delay this, so that I can complete the other project.  I do apologize for the slight delay, although the project is related to baseball.  It is still not ready yet, but I think you will enjoy the finished product.  More info about that will be out soon. Anyway here are the players who had birthdays from February 11th-14th.

Happy 25th birthday to Yankees SP Nathan Eovaldi.

Happy 26th birthday to Cesar Cabral.

Happy 30th birthday to Tyler Clippard.

Happy 40th birthday to Damaso Marte.

Happy 48th birthday to Scott Pose.

Happy 37th birthday to Tim Redding.

Happy 67th birthday to Dave Revering.

Happy 73rd birthday to Pat Dobson.

Happy 97th birthday to Monk Dubiel

Happy 94th birthday to Don Bollweg.

Happy 66th birthday to Lenny Randle.

Happy 35th birthday to Drew Henson.

Happy 44th birthday to Todd Williams.

Happy 74th birthday to Jim Brenneman.

Happy 88th birthday to  Jim Brideweser.

Happy 45th birthday to Kelly Stinnett.

Happy 34th birthday to Brad Halsey.

Happy 64th birthday to Larry Milbourne.


One thought on “Yankees Birthdays (February 11th-14th)

  1. Being that I was unable to cover this daily for a few days, I did not provide info on any of the players above. However, I will happily edit the post to include info for whatever player you request it for that is on the list.


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