CC’s Goal: 30 Starts

With just a few days away from catchers and pitchers reporting to spring training, CC Sabathia aspires to be a consequential contributor in 2015.  After having only 8 starts in 2014 before being shut down by an injury, Sabathia is aiming for 30 starts. CC is heading into his age 34 season and has 2 years and $48M remaining on his contract.  It is unclear what type of player CC will be if he does indeed start 30 games.  Will he perform at his 2013 level, or pitcher better than that but below the output of his peak years?

It is probably not fair yet to say that he is finished.  Yes his 2013 were horrible, but it is something he can comeback from.  Perhaps he played through the season hurt, as has been a growing trend among players.  Even if he wasn’t, even pitchers like Mike Mussina had a bad year or two towards the end of his career.  Interesting enough they do have almost identical ERA+, Mussina has the edge with 123 compared to CC’s 120.  The thing with Sabathia is I am not sure if his health issues will be over now.  We will have to wait and see, maybe he still has enough in the tank left to grind through a season that reminisces Mussina’s final season.


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