Yankees Offseason Part III

It seems that throughout my 2 part segment on offseason moves made by the Yankees, that I happened too leave out two of them.  One was the Cervelli for Justin Wilson trade, the other was Hiroki Kuroda heading back to Japan to play ball.  Just want to apologize for not covering these things at all when looking at the offseason additions and subtractions.  Now that they are fresh in my mind, it is time to determine the impact these moves have on the Yankees.

Hiroki Kuroda went back to Japan to play baseball there, after spending 3 season with the Yankees.  Although the Yankees are likely saving at least $10M because of this, Kuroda was consistent and durable while with the team.  In a rotation filled with injuries last year, Kuroda was the only opening day starter who played all year long.  His ERA was higher this year than it was in the 2 years prior, but that was mainly because of a bad month of April and mediocre month of May. Afterwards he got back in a groove and had a 3.16  ERA in the 2nd half of the year.  If the rotation stays healthy then I think his departure will not harm the team very much, unless if it ends up that we have guys like Capuano and Esmil Rogers starting often throughout the year.

From a personal standpoint I kind of grow attached to the players, probably just an experience most fans deal with.  Even if the deal is in our favor, I can’t help but miss guys like Cano, Robertson, and Cervelli who spent several years with the team.  Justin Wilson is a left handed reliever, but was more effective against righties in his career.  I would compare this move to when we signed Boone Logan and he emerged as an effective reliever in the pen. As for Cervelli, he just doesn’t get on the field enough.  Yes part of that is because of his role as a backup catchers, but he also missed time as a part of the Biogenesis scandal and was hit with injuries.  On top of that he had minimal power and has only played in 69 games over the past 3 years.  I see this trade as a win for the Yankees, but then again the Pirates have been faring well with ex Yankees.  Such as AJ Burnett, Russell Martin, Mark Melancon, Jose Tabata, and even got a better hitting Chris Stewart than we did.  I don’t see Cervelli making that trend with the lack of games he has played in the last few seasons though.


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