Yankees Birthdays (February 10th)

Good day everyone, we are back with another installment of Yankee Birthdays.  Within the long history of the franchise, it is safe to assume that the Yankees have at least one player born on every day in the year.  On this day, we have 6 players who spent time in pinstripes during their professional career.  Not all of them are still with us today, but their contributions to one of the best franchises in North American sports cannot be ignored.  Let’s say Happy Birthday to each of these six men.

Happy 39th birthday to Lance Berkman.  Acquired on the trade deadline (July 31st) in 2010, Berkman only played in 37 regular season games with the Yankees.  Berkman spent most of his years as a 1B for the Houston Astros, before they were perennially in last place.  Lance was a 6 time All-Star and played 15 seasons in the big leagues.  The Yankees did give up Mark Melancon in that trade, who has performed well in relief since the trade (with the exception of 2012).

Happy 40th birthday to Hirokoi Kuroda.  Kuroda started of his career in Japan, before being signed with the Dodgers during the Frank McCourt Era.  After having 4 solid season in LA, he spent 3 years with the NYY.  Showing once again that age doesn’t matter, Kuroda played effectively with the Yankees through his age 39 season. He is now returning to play in Japan.

Happy 98th birthday to Allie Reynolds.  Allie Reynolds was the ace of the staff that included Eddie Lopat and Vic Raschi.  Reynolds was a key contributor from 1949-1953 when the Yankees won 5 consecutive WS championships under Casey Stengel.  Reynolds was a 5 time all star, and came 2nd in the MVP voting in 1952.  He would win 6 WS rings with the Yankees and was out of baseball after 1954.  He died in 1994.

Happy 121st Birthday to HOF Herb Pennock. Winning 3 WS with the club, Pennock was acquired in one of many trades throughout the 20’s with the Boston Red Sox.  Herb pitched in 11 season with the Yankees, and was in the top 5 in the MVP voting twice.  Herb Pennock finished his career with the Red Sox in 1934, and died in 1948.

Happy 45th birthday to Albert Castillo.  Never appearing in 100 games in a single season, Castillo was a backup catcher.  He played 15 games with the Yankees in 2002, and ended his career with the Orioles in 2007.

Happy 31st birthday to Luis Cruz.  Cruz played 16 games for the injury riddled 2013 team.  A utility IF throughout his career, his most notable moment with the Yankees occurred on Manny Machado’s web gem throw that robbed Cruz of a single. He last played in 2013 at the major league level..


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